About Our Doves


Our birds are well cared for and loved. Their health is 
 continuously monitored. They are wormed and checked for lice 
 and treated as needed. Our Doves are maintained in a loft on our own property.  They are fed high quality food and are given an enviable amount of attention.  All birds released are domesticated and are trained to return home. They are not released to die in the wild. Clean fresh drinking water is always  available as well as a pigeon bathtub. Pigeons love to take baths  at all times of the year.

While your satisfaction is our goal, we will never jeopardize 
 the welfare of our birds. Again, only white homing pigeons will be 
 released at your special occasion, although various other birds 
 may be used for display purposes only. Our release will be made 
 out of doors during daylight hours. Pigeons can't see in the dark,  
 so they stop and roost until it gets light. This makes them 
 vulnerable to predators. We will never release our birds in unsafe 
 conditions, such as in poor weather, inside buildings or near 
 hazards like power lines. For the birds safety and well being, we 
 limit our release area to a 100 mile radius from our loft.

Andre Dove Release
PO Box 4285
St. Augustine, FL 32085-4285

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