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About Us:
Mission: Our mission is to provide a truly beautiful, affordable and memorable white dove release for any occasion.​
Standards Of Care
We are knowledgeable in the care and training of doves. 
Our lofts are not over crowded or unsanitary.
Our birds are always well fed and provided with fresh water at all times.

Rules of Release
  • We release only racing pigeons that are well trained to return home, and well cared. They are not released to die in the wild. Whether their white or other colors is your choice. These are also known as Rock Doves or Columba livia. Under no circumstance are other types of doves ever released, although other types may be used for display.
  • We only release doves out-of-doors during daylight hours. We will not release birds beyond a range that they are able to safely fly back home.
  • We never release birds if the conditions become unsafe due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. 
  • While birds are being held for display, we assure that they are in baskets that are large enough to be comfortable and safe. The baskets or cages will be kept in safe areas, not too hot or too cold.
  • We never ship birds out for self release.
Code of Conduct
  • We will answer any inquiries from clients as professionals and as quickly as possible. If we cannot do a release, we will recommend you to another professional dove release business. 
  • We will arrive on time for our engagements, and we will be dressed professionally. 
  • All displays and releases will be professional. 
   If a release has to be cancelled due to weather or other circumstances that    are not caused by the customer, money and deposits will be returned in a       fair way. Ask us about our particular policy.
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