Little Dove

On the wings of this white dove
I’ll set your spirit free.
Up into the big deep sky, to heaven, where you’ll be.
I know God has a plan for us, he wants us by his side.
But it is hard for us to understand when we are left behind.
Little dove, help lift our hearts as we watch you go,
God is there if we just ask, because He loves us so.

A Dove Release for a Funeral, Cremation or Memorial is very inspiring and uplifting for saddened heart.

Funeral & Memorial Services


One way to honor your loved one as he or she passes into the heavens is with the release of  pure white doves.

It is your last tribute and a way to show your love to your dearly departed. 

Some families get together on the anniversary of the passing of their love ones, to remember them, place flowers, say a prayer and release Doves as a token of remembrance. It brings a focal point to the gathering, and many say, comfort too.


For centuries the dove has symbolized the Holy Spirit, Hope, Peace and Love, etc.  This tribute ceremony allows for a relase of emotion and a sense of healing as the doves ascends into the sky, circling family and friends, as it flies away into the heavens.  This poignant symbolism allows the family to feel Uplifted, Hopeful, nothopeless.

These types of white dove releases can be done at the graveside, mausoleum, cemetery chapel, funeral home, or an appropriate location of your choosing.



             Other Services

We release doves at all sorts of events.


Like engagement parties, baptisms, christenings, anniversaries, even a declaration of love.


Graduations, grand openings, inaugurations, festivals, ordinations, movies, even commercials.


Celebrations of Life, Jewish Unveiling, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Quinceaneras, even Sweet Sixteens.


Church Services, Homegoing, Community Services or any other special event.


If you are interested in our Other Services Dove Packages, please feel free to contact us.

*Proud to offer a discount to Active Military Personnel*

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