There is an old time legend

That the infinite Lord of Heaven

Chose a special pure white dove,

To bring the promise of love.

To earth, through the clouds of white

Came the dove on its holy flight

To the downtrodden, sore and afraid,

The dove gave a message of aid.

To newly wed husband and wife

A blessing for their married life,

To the children growing tall and free,

To the old as they face mortality,

To each and every person on earth

From the moment of their birth

Along each winding path through life

God sends the wings of white.

To carry the message from above:

Hope and Love on the wings of a dove.

By Sandra van Riper

A Dove Release is a unique and memorable way to express your love on this very special day.

Legend has it that, if doves are seen on your wedding day, a long and happy life together will be shared. A life together side by side, facing all that may come your way, with all the love and good luck possible. In the bible the Doves symbolize peace, faith, love, unity, prosperity and new beginnings. Doves mate for life. They share the commitment together, building the nest and raising the young. The male sets the nest all day and the female takes over in the evening. Equally they feed and nourish their young. So, too, the couple are entering into a union to share the responsibility of home and family; a life long commitment. The beauty and symbolism of these exquisite white birds is timeless and unforgettable.  A dove release is a perfect ending to the wedding ceremony.

As stated in our "Release Policy" the safety of our birds is of the utmost importance. Depending on distance, they must have at least one hour before sunset to return home safely. If your ceremony is delayed, final determination will ultimately be made by the handler.

Please click for Wedding Packages. If you have chosen your release and paid via PayPal, you will be redirected to this page to download and complete your contract. Wedding Contract After completion, please save to your computer and email to   If paying by check, you may mail the contract, along with your check to:

Andre Dove Release
PO Box 4285
St. Augustine, FL 32085-4285

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